Monday, June 25, 2007

The marque for Great Longstone Cricket Club
Presidents weekend is being prepared.
On Saturday afternoon the Children's sports
will take place. This event has taken place most years
since the 1970's. In the evening a disco and barbicue
will help raise funds for the cricket club.
On Sunday the club president will field a team
to play a Great Longstone team.

Godfrey Frankland and John Fawcett marking out

the field for the sports

The presidents game was reduced to 15 8 ball overs

each innings due to heavy rain.

The President's team won by 2 runs

The back room girls who organize and control

the event enjoying a well earned drink

Grace and Les Williams In charge of the prize money
at Great Longstone Cricket Club 2007 annual Children's
sports day

The children and parents enjoying the fun and games

Trying to get the races under way

Parents and children arriving for a afternoons

fun and games